Most stations are able manage their web presence using the free, open source Drupal Content Management System (CMS). Adding MERCI, CiviCRM and several Open Media modules increases the complexity to the point a station needs a full time, Drupal savvy staff member to keep everything running smoothly. This hosting package as designed to balance the need to support the most complicated features while still encouraging a DYI approach to Drupal that makes it such a cost effective options for feature rich websites.

Whether you are looking for JavaScript to improve your site usability, a custom Drupal module, or an entire site, Make Data Make Sense is always looking for interesting new projects.

Stations that have been using Facil to manage equipment reservations can often be migrated to MERCI in 8-16 hours. This process includes:

  • Defining Resources and Bucket content types in Drupal.
  • Defining custom inventory fields.
  • Exporting equipment data from Facil.
  • Importing equipment data into Drupal.
  • Defining Roles.
  • Configure Roles to have access to specific Resources and Buckets.
  • Importing users.

Costs: $600-1200

We can take large unstructured data sets (invalid HTML, text files, etc.) and give it the structure you need (e.g. XML, a database, etc.) to make it useful.